Professional organizing and decluttering services

Home organization projects come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to organize your whole house or declutter a closet, we will shape your space in a way that maximizes flow and is easy to maintain.

Organizing Services

Moving and Unpacking

Packing up your life, moving your belongings, and prepping a new home is both exciting and complicated. Shaping Spaces will help smooth out the entire process, from pre-move purging to organized unpacking.

Closet Organization

Organizational systems are crucial for a space that is frequently accessed and easily crowded. Focus on enjoying your lifestyle after we declutter and organize your closet.


Home Office Organization

Your home office should be a sanctuary, not a place that you dread working in. We can organize your home office to remove distractions and maximize both productivity and comfort.


Life Transitions

Making room for a new member of the family? Downsizing? Big life changes often come with new demands on your space. Shaping Spaces’ provides the support and expertise you need to build an organizational plan for the next stage in your journey.

Maria C.
"Emily is great to work with. We had clear communications, and she’s always on time and committed. She has a great work ethics and works smart and effective. She made our moving process easier and less stressful. She took our organizing to the next level. Her work inspired us and made us feel that executing moderate minimalism in life isn’t overwhelming, and rather it’s a source of joy!"
Natalie W.
"Emily has organized my kitchen, my kids’ bedrooms and bathroom and my junk closet. These spaces are so much more functional now! . I’m determined to have her do my whole house! She has a great eye for making shelves beautiful and functional, is very professional and reliable. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!"
Heather V.
"Emily is excellent at organizing!! It first started with just the garage, and I was so impressed how easy it was to find things we continued throughout the house in every closet!! she is great to work with and I highly recommend her!!"
Katrina D.
"Emily arrived on time and worked efficiently. She was amazing fitting things into small spaces and coming up with ideas of how to organize my kitchen. She was a wiz at making and labeling things."
Devan M.
"Emily is pretty incredible! She really understands how to consolidate and works well to organize in a way that is efficient and is easy to maintain which has always been the struggle for me and managing my home and 3 kids toys and closets. Her systems have stayed in place for almost a year now and I can’t wait to have her back to help with more spaces!"
Eric S.
"Emily is great to work with! Her calmness, patience, and just her general vibe make the organizing process much less stressful than I was expecting. She has a great eye for making spaces beautiful and functional using just what is on hand. Her systems are simple, effective and easy to keep up. Even if you're an "organized" person, Emily can take it to the next level!"
Chris B.
"Shaping Spaces decluttered my master bathroom. It feels like a spa retreat now! I will absolutely be using their services again - thanks Shaping Spaces!"
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