Shaping Spaces

I believe that an organized home can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. By ridding yourself of clutter and setting up organizational systems that allow your days to flow more effortlessly, you free yourself up for more of the things that matter. With that in mind, my services are designed around sustainability and simplicity. What is important to you and what will make your space flow better? The best solution for you and your space is not necessarily something we can copy/paste from Pinterest. I aim for something more—customized solutions that are simple enough to easily maintain, while still looking and feeling the way you want. How do I do that? Check out the process page to learn more.

My name is Emily, and I thrive on shaping people’s spaces to fit their wants and needs. I graduated from Humboldt State University where I studied environmental science and dance. After graduating I found myself in the childcare industry both as a teacher and an at home nanny. While I have always been an organized and tidy person, being a nanny is where I discovered my love for organizing and setting up systems for others. For me, nannying and home organizing are actually quite similar in the way they encourage my creativity and connection to others. I love getting to know someone in a way that allows me to create an environment in which that person can thrive. I’m a caretaker at heart, and home organizing is an amazing way for us to take care of ourselves by taking care of our space.

Emily Owner and Founder of Shaping Spaces